Lavender Essential Oils: How to Use Them

Essential oils are easy to diffuse by putting several drops in a small cup of boiling water—this will infuse an entire room with calmative effects within minutes. Because lavender has a “Low Threshold of Sensory Extinction,” the scent will quickly “disappear” from your consciousness while continuing to provide therapeutic benefits. This is important if you don’t want a fragrance to compete with food.

Use lavender essential oil in its more concentrated form, as a direct inhalant. Keep a small bottle in your desk or briefcase to reduce the stress of the work day by sniffing a small amount. Just a whiff, takes you back to the summer lavender fields of West Sonoma! Perfect for use before an important meeting or important speech.

Essential oils can also be added to skin lotion to be used topically.  (We add about 20 drops to each bar of Monte-Bellaria olive oil and beeswax soap to enhance the moisturizing and skin reparative properties.)

Note: Pure essential oil is too strong to be used directly on the skin. Always mix it with at least 10-times the volume of lotion or massage oil (i.e. 1 drop per half-teaspoon). NEVER use lavender in any form in the eyes.

One of the earliest uses of lavender oil was in the wash. (The word lavender actually comes from the Latin verb “to wash.”) Add 10 to 20 drops on a moist rag and toss into the dryer for a clean, fresh smell that won’t be too perfumed.

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