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Gift Collections

Monte-Bellaria Personal Gift Box

Pre-packaged gift-to-go which includes a Monte-Bellaria lavender sachet, a Monte-Bellaria lavender, olive oil, and beeswax moisturizing balm and two Monte-Bellaria beeswax and lavender lip balm tubes—all in a beautiful gift box ready to give!

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Well-Being Collection

This collection of Monte-Bellaria estate-made creations contains items for personal health and well-being: Moisturizing Balm 2 oz. (One jar.) Lavender Bud Spa Soap 4.2 oz. bar. (One bar.) Lavender Bud Sachet 2 oz. by volume. (One sachet.) Lip Balm Tubes (2) Lip Balm Tin (One tin). Gift Box.

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Monte-Bellaria Fragrance Gift Box

Monte-Bellaria Fragrance Gift Box

Pre-packaged gift-to-go which includes two Monte-Bellaria lavender sachets, a Monte-Bellaria lavender hydrosol facial mist and a Monte-Bellaria lavender and white rose perfume—all in a beautiful gift box ready to give!

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Honey and Lavender Citrus Tea

Two boxes of Monte-Bellaria Citrus Tea (16 bags) and a one-pound jar of Monte-Bellaria Lavender-infused raw honey.

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Massage Oil and Body Butter

An indulgent bundle featuring the Monte-Bellaria 3.2 oz Lavender Massage Oil and a 4 oz jar of our ultra-moisturizing Monte-Bellaria Body Butter

Monte-Bellaria Ultimate Lavender Bath and Body Collection

To create a wonderfully luxurious spa experience at home this assortment of premium quality bath and body products is an indulgent gift that anyone who loves lavender will love to receive. The collection includes: Monte-Bellaria Lavender Bath Salt Soak, Monte-Bellaria Lavender Sea Salt Scrub, Monte-Bellaria Lavender Body Butter, Monte-Bellaria Lavender Moisturizing Balm, Monte-Bellaria All-Natural Deodorant, Monte-Bellaria Lavender, Olive Oil & Beeswax Soaps.

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Indulgence Collection

For those who love all things lavender, this collection features premium items that are sure to please…especially if it’s for you! Essential Oil of Lavender 0.5 oz. (One bottle.) Lavender Flower Water (Hydrosol) 8 oz. (Two bottles.) Moisturizing Balm 2 oz. (One jar.) Lavender Bud Sachets 2 oz. by volume. (Two sachets.) Lavender Bud Spa Soap 4.2 oz. bar. (One bar.) Lip Balm Tubes (2) and one Lip Balm Tin.
Gift Box. $100

Made in Sonoma, California

Farm-to-Spa Products

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Pure Essential Oil

Distilled, aged oil from over 500 lavender flowers, estate grown and distilled. Made from a blend of hybrids of English and Portuguese Lavenders, the scent has a mid-tone herbal fragrance that makes it less sweetly perfumed than traditional lavender oil. Use the oil for aromatherapy (e.g. headache, sleeplessness, respiratory congestion), in humidifiers and to freshen laundry in the dryer.

Large bottle (shown), 0.5-oz. $25
Regular bottle, 0.17-oz. $12

Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil, Lavender & Beeswax Moisturizing Balm

This buttery balm, made with estate olive oil, lavender essential oil and our own beeswax has wonderful moisturizing properties and quickly improves dry and rough skin.
2 oz. $18

Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil, Beeswax and Lavender Lip Balm Tube

Cool and delicious, this natural moisturizer is made from our own olive oil, honey and beeswax with a drop of lavender essential oil.
4 tubes. $18 (Save 10%)
Individual tubes. $5

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Sea Salt Scrub

Our Sea Salt Scrub blends Shea Butter with intensely moisturizing Avocado, Olive and Safflower oils to leave the skin hydrated and smooth. Extremely versatile, it can be enjoyed in the bathtub to provide a relaxing spa experience or in the shower to leave skin glowing with our ground lavender buds providing gentle exfoliation.
16 oz. $30

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Bath Salt Soak

Our unique combination of aromatic Monte-Bellaria Lavender essential oils and natural botanicals work in concert with mineral rich Ocean and Epsom Salts to soothe tire muscles, relieve aches and detoxify the body while replacing needed nutrients.
20 oz. $25

Monte-Bellaria Pure Lavender Hydrosol

Gentle floral and herbal fragrance to use as an air freshener, a mild disinfectant, to freshen laundry, and on fabrics, linens and pillows for a wonderful, peaceful sleep. Hydrosols are pure distilled waters which are super-saturated with essential lavender oil. Made from our pure, estate harvested lavender buds and Russian River well water.

Set includes two, 8-oz. $25 (Save 16.6%)
One, 8-oz bottle. $15.

Monte-Bellaria Body Butter

A refreshing finish to the shower or bath, Monte-Bellaria Body Butter locks in moisture. With extra olive oil, beeswax and our estate distilled essential oil, this spa product will leave your skin soft and revitalized. 4-oz. $18

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Massage Oil

Lavender Massage Oil. Made with our own estate-grown lavender, the fragrance will calm the senses and refresh tired muscles.
3.2 oz. $20

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Perfume for Women

Our Profumo Essenziale di Lavanda is made from 100% pure, aged Monte-Bellaria lavender essential oil blended with light buffering oils. This fragrance has a beautiful light scent, like lavender in the early morning garden. 1/3 ounce (10 ml) glass vial with a graceful orb applicator. $20

Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil,Beeswax and lavender Lip Balm Tin

Cool and delicious, this natural moisturizer is made from our own olive oil, honey. beeswax with a drop of our lavender essential oil.
4 tins. Special $25 (Save 16.6%)
Single tin. $7.50

Monte-Bellaria Cuticle Cream

A soothing cream for repairing dry and damaged skin around the nails. All natural ingredients. Apply as often as needed to nurture and support skin. Gently massage cream into affected areas with a cotton swab and let absorb completely into the skin.
1.0 oz. Single jar. $15.00

100% pure dried bulk lavender

100% pure dried lavender; sachet grade.
1/4 pound. $30

Monte-Bellaria Lavender, Olive Oil & Beeswax Soap

For a relaxing and indulgent soap, try our beautiful spa soap with our own, natural lavender essential oil, hydrosol and ground buds. The scent is light and leaves you feeling pampered and content.

Three 4.2 oz. bars. $34 (Save 9%)
One bar. $12.50.

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Natural Sanitizer

We have taken our pure Monte-Bellaria hydrosol of lavender (flower water, which is naturally acidic) added an extra dose of Monte-Bellaria lavender essential oil plus 99% isopropyl alcohol in order to produce a wonderful sanitizer that is safe for both hands and surfaces. Unlike harsh chemicals, this sanitizer has a light herbal fragrance that will quickly dissipate leaving a clean, crisp scent in its place.

Set includes two, 8-oz. bottles. $32.40 (Save 10%)
One, 8-oz. bottle. $18

Lavender Sachets

Made with hundreds of our own certified organic lavender flowers, these sachets will maintain their beautiful scent for several years—just give a squeeze to reinvigorate. Perfect for keeping clothing, sports totes, and closets smelling fresh.

Large set of six. $30.00 (Save 38%)
Multi-unit set of two. $16.00 (Save 12.5%)
One, 2-oz. sachet. $8

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Essential Antiperspirant Deodorant

Our all-natural personal hygiene formula is effective and 100% chemical free. For people who want to have 24-hour protection without the chemical additives of commercial deodorants. No residue or staining.

  • No Aluminum or Other Metals
  • No Parabens
  • No Preservatives
  • No Alcohol
  • No Artificial Fragrances or Colorants
  • Container is BPA (Phthalates) Free, 0% PCP and fully recyclable
  • Vegan (No animal derived ingredients)

Organic Ingredients: Olive Oil, Beeswax, Pure Lavender Essential Oil, Coconut Oil and Corn Starch

Multi-pack set of two. $30.00 (Save 17%)
One, 2.5-oz. container. $16

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Potpourri Blend

Our potpourri is a mix of our 100% pure Monte-Bellaria lavender buds combined with organic botanicals (dried seeds, pods, bark, petals.) The scent has high notes of lavender, heart notes of herbs and base notes of earthy fragrances. Simply place this blend in a decorative bowl and it will impart light fragrance for many months. If needed, the potpourri can be “re-invigorated” with a drop or two of our Monte-Bellaria Lavender Essential Oil.

Set of two, 9 oz by volume (266 ml.) $20

Made in Sonoma, California

Culinary Products

Monte-Bellaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our own pure, cold-pressed and unfiltered oil. Harvested early and pressed within 24 hours and within 2 miles of the olive grove at Olive Leaf Hills Mill using their Italian-made Rapanelli press.

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Honey is harvested from our own hives of locally raised Sonoma bees. One ounce of raw honey is made from 1.4 million flowers requiring bees to fly up to 3,400 miles.

Edible lavender flowers are an essential ingredient for Herbes de Provence, or can be steeped into syrups and teas, or diffused into spirits for a unique dessert or cocktail experience.

Lavender Honey

This honey is harvested from our locally raised Sonoma bees. Each ounce of honey is made from 1.4 million flowers requiring bees to fly up to 3,400 miles. Lavender buds are soaked in the honey for a week and then strained out. The results are a beautiful, rich, lavender fragrant honey.
One Pound Jars. $36

Lavender Chocolate Sauce

A rich and indulgent chocolate sauce infused with a warm, herbal flavor of all-natural lavender. Made in Sonoma County, California.
4 oz. by volume. $16

Lavender Herb Salt

We hand grind our own lavender buds to create this beautiful, aromatic herbed salt: perfect for seasoning chicken, fish and pork and for brining. Contains Sea Salt, Lavender, Pepper, Rosemary, and Sage.
6 oz. by volume. $15

Lavender Sugar

Organic Granulated Cane Sugar with Pure Ground Lavender. Use a half-teaspoon with a cup of tea for a relaxing lavender beverage.
6 oz. by volume. $12

Monte-Bellaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Monte-Bellaria Sonoma Blend Olive Oil is our own all-natural, cold pressed and unfiltered oil. Made from a blend of six Tuscan varietals, each season produces a slightly different oil. This is a premium green oil, picked young for a rich and spicy taste. The crop is picked and pressed within 24 hours about one mile from the estate.
Two, 250-ml. bottles $45 (Save 20%)
One, 250-ml. bottle $25

Monte-Bellaria Balsamic Lavender Vinegar

A beautiful lavender-infused balsamic vinegar that goes well with cooked meats and vinaigrette dressings. Available in either traditional dark or white organic balsamic varieties, these are imported from Italy then infused with all-natural Monte-Bellaria lavender extract

One, (either White or Dark) 350-ml. bottle $25.

Two, 350-ml. bottles (one White, one Dark)
$42.50 (Save 15%)

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Fruit Jams

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Jams. Made for us by artisan jam makers LALA's in Petaluma (Sonoma County) using our culinary lavender. Various flavors available seasonally.
4 oz. $12.50

Monte-Bellaria Lavender Citrus Tea

The Monte-Bellaria herbal tea is a blend of our lavender buds mixed with organic, dried orange. Steep for two minutes and enjoy a relaxing and uplifting tea. Contains no caffeine, artificial flavors or colorings, no preservatives, or chemical additives.
8 bags $10

Culinary Lavender Buds

These fragrant lavender buds are our best quality lavender, with a deep blue-gray color and piquant herbal taste. These fragrant buds are organically grown, harvested at peak bloom, shed-dried, triple sieved, and then hand-cleaned to produce the highest quality herb. The herbs should be stored in a cool, dark place and will remain fragrant for several years.
4 oz. by volume. $15

Lavender-themed Kitchen Towels [Set of Two]

These beautiful, natural cotton kitchen towels are hand-screened for wonderful detail and durability. Each towel measures 22″ x 38″ and features a recipe for Monte-Bellaria’s popular lavender shortbread. Design appears on lower half of towel. Towels come individually tied with a lavender gift ribbon. $25