During your visit we will be conducting optional $5 tours of the barn, distillation equipment, bee hives and lavender fields.  Weather permitting. Tours begin at 20 minutes after the hour.  No charge for children under the age of 18.

This weekend: Sept 21 and Sept 22, free sachets of lavender for visitors (while supplies last!)

Sunday Seminar Series

Propagation via Cuttings Workshop

Sunday Sept 22 & 29  10:30AM

Attend an informative seminar at Monte-Bellaria di California on how to create clones of your favorite woody herbs (Lavender, Rosemary, Fuchsias, etc.) At this 40 minute workshop you’ll learn about how to select the best parts of a plant for doing a cutting, soils and potting mediums, how to work with a cutting, the use of honey as a natural rooting medium, how to maintain your cuttings to insure maximum viability and finally we’ll discuss re-potting, “hardening” and timing for in-ground planting. Learn hands-on techniques from a commercial propagation operation. Max enrollment: 25.  $10.

Get tickets here: 
Tickets for Sept 22
Tickets for Sept 29

Beeswax Comb

Come See the New Bee Tree

Every weekend, we’ll be giving an optional farm tour that will include seeing our new old oak bee tree.  This oak trunk fell almost 20 years ago and was restored to be a perfect home for a new swarm of thousands of wild honey bees.