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Raw Honey

The health benefits of honey have been discussed for thousands of years (and even makes an appearance in the Bible).  In our modern world, many of the health benefits (which have been well documented by numerous scientific research institutions) are related to eating honey. And when we are talking about healthy honey at Monte-Bellaria, we mean raw honey (that

Flowers that Change the Taste of Honey: From YUM to Yuck

Posted by admin on March 27, 2017

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If you’ve ever tried local, raw honey you’ve probably noticed that various honeys can take on amazingly different tastes.  The key reason is that the flowering plants from which forager bees are collecting nectar and pollen have distinct taste profiles.  When bees forage primarily on one type of plant, the honey is called “monofloral” and produces a more consistent taste profile than when bees find many

Green Olive Oil

Monte-Bellaria Extra Virgin Green Olive Oil

Monte-Bellaria Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our own organic, cold-pressed and unfiltered oil.  Harvested early and pressed within 24 hours and within 2 miles of the olive grove at Olive Leaf Hills Mill using their Italian-made Rapanelli press. In many cultures, olive oil is used instead of butter for adding flavor to breads, vegetables and

Many possible health benefits have associated with use of lavender essential oil and hydrosols.  This page shows a number of health issues that have been discussed in literature as having positive outcomes associated with the use of lavender. Various conditions call for either topical (used on the skin or body) or inhaled aromatherapy applications.  Let us know if you have other suggestions or corrections.  (We

How lavender essential oil is distilled is an art. It requires the exact amount and type of plant material, pure water, and heat that reaches a precise sustained level.  It also requires a precise timing of the steaming process: too long and the product is weak with off fragrance characteristics; too short and your product is overpowering and you get less of the valuable, soothing hydrosols. Monte-Bellaria uses a copper steam distillation unit that drives

Scent is one of nature’s most powerful senses.  Many of the planet’s species use scent in equal balance with sight and hearing.  Unfortunately humans have largely lost the ability to use the portion of their brains that utilizes “smell” to guide the way through their environments. Scents, however, even in the legacy abilities of our brains, possess

Essential oils are easy to diffuse by putting several drops in a small cup of boiling water—this will infuse an entire room with calmative effects within minutes. Because lavender has a “Low Threshold of Sensory Extinction,” the scent will quickly “disappear” from your consciousness while continuing to provide therapeutic benefits. This is important if you don’t want a fragrance to compete with food. Use lavender