Giving Lavender a Head Start for Planting

March 20, 2018 Lavender Lavender Plants 1

Lavender is a very easy plant to propagate by taking cuttings from mature plants that are sending out new shoots.  It’s also very forgiving.  A lavender “start” (a cutting that has been rooted in a seed-starting soil pod) can go right into your garden as soon as the chance of frost has past.  However, a small start will take quite a while to grow to its full potential. If you want to get a head… Read more

Lavender Hydrosols for Spa Treatments

September 27, 2017 Lavender Lavender Hydrosols 0

When distilling essential oil, a bi-product of the process is a hydrosol, also known as “flower water,” and is distilled water with many of the fragrance and beneficial attributes of the more concentrated oil.  The reason that the hydrosol is perfect for spa treatments is that it can be used directly on the skin, whereas an essential oil should normally be mixed with lotions or creams before topical application. As many of you know, the… Read more

How to Make Lavender Perfumes and Cologne

June 16, 2017 Lavender Essential Oil Lavender Flowers Lavender Hydrosols 0

Our customers frequently ask about using lavender essential oils for perfumes and colognes.  It’s a very simple process and it’s easy to create your own distinctive fragrance that won’t be overpowering. So one of the first questions is what is the difference between perfume and cologne?  The simplest answer is that a perfume can contain up to 40% of essential oils.  In general, the more essential oil, the more expensive the fragrance.  A cologne, on… Read more

Lavender is an Ideal Freshening Fragrance: Strong then Gone

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An interesting characteristic of the lavender fragrance is that it can quickly freshen the home environment without producing a long-lasting overpowering scent.  You’ve probably been in a room where someone is using some type of freshener (room spray, plug-ins, candles, incense, etc.) that never quits.  (Think of the ubiquitous bayberry or vanilla candles around the holidays!) You smell it the minute you walk in and can smell it the entire time you’re in the room.  This… Read more

Have You Tried Lavender as an Herb?

April 9, 2017 Lavender Lavender Flowers 1

Most people think of lavender as a flower that is known for its beautiful fragrance.  But it also has some very nice qualities for culinary uses.  While people can usually describe the scent of lavender; not many can describe the taste. In short, lavender falls into the same type of herbal flavor profile as rosemary, oregano, thyme or marjoram.  In fact a combination of these herbs with lavender is what is commonly referred to as… Read more

Health Issues Lavender May Relieve

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Many possible health benefits have associated with use of lavender essential oil and hydrosols.  This page shows a number of health issues that have been discussed in literature as having positive outcomes associated with the use of lavender. Various conditions call for either topical (used on the skin or body) or inhaled aromatherapy applications.  Let us know if you have other suggestions or corrections.  (We realize that many different herbalists and aroma therapists have differing… Read more

How Lavender Essential Oils and Hydrosols are Made

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How lavender essential oil is distilled is an art. It requires the exact amount and type of plant material, pure water, and heat that reaches a precise sustained level.  It also requires a precise timing of the steaming process: too long and the product is weak with off fragrance characteristics; too short and your product is overpowering and you get less of the valuable, soothing hydrosols. Monte-Bellaria uses a copper steam distillation unit that drives… Read more

Therapeutic Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

February 24, 2017 Lavender Essential Oil 0

Scent is one of nature’s most powerful senses.  Many of the planet’s species use scent in equal balance with sight and hearing.  Unfortunately humans have largely lost the ability to use the portion of their brains that utilizes “smell” to guide the way through their environments. Scents, however, even in the legacy abilities of our brains, possess a powerful influence over our moods and sense of well-being.  Although we lack the ability to sense many… Read more

Lavender Essential Oils: How to Use Them

February 23, 2017 Lavender Lavender Essential Oil 0

Essential oils are easy to diffuse by putting several drops in a small cup of boiling water—this will infuse an entire room with calmative effects within minutes. Because lavender has a “Low Threshold of Sensory Extinction,” the scent will quickly “disappear” from your consciousness while continuing to provide therapeutic benefits. This is important if you don’t want a fragrance to compete with food. Use lavender essential oil in its more concentrated form, as a direct… Read more