Lavender Flowers

Lavender Tea with Grosso

Making Lavender and Honey Herb Tea

For many of you who grow lavender in your garden, the thought of creating your own herbal tea has probably crossed your mind. The process is really very easy and the tea is relaxing and revitalizing—without caffeine. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are using a lavender that is compatible

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Lavender essential oil and lavender herb

How to Make Lavender Perfumes and Cologne

Our customers frequently ask about using lavender essential oils for perfumes and colognes.  It’s a very simple process and it’s easy to create your own distinctive fragrance that won’t be overpowering. So one of the first questions is what is the difference between perfume and cologne?  The simplest answer is that a perfume can contain

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Lavender Flowers

Have You Tried Lavender as an Herb?

Most people think of lavender as a flower that is known for its beautiful fragrance.  But it also has some very nice qualities for culinary uses.  While people can usually describe the scent of lavender; not many can describe the taste. In short, lavender falls into the same type of herbal flavor profile as rosemary,

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Distilling Lavender Essential Oil

How Lavender Essential Oils and Hydrosols are Made

How lavender essential oil is distilled is an art. It requires the exact amount and type of plant material, pure water, and heat that reaches a precise sustained level.  It also requires a precise timing of the steaming process: too long and the product is weak with off fragrance characteristics; too short and your product

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