Lavender Tea with Grosso

Making Lavender and Honey Herb Tea

For many of you who grow lavender in your garden, the thought of creating your own herbal tea has probably crossed your mind. The process is really very easy and the tea is relaxing and revitalizing—without caffeine. The first thing you need to do is make sure you are using a lavender that is compatible

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Honey on spoon

Why is some honey “set” and some honey “runny?”

People often ask us if Monte-Bellaria honey—which is sometimes dense and semi-crystalized—has “gone bad.”  The answer is definitely NO!  It is, in fact a sign that the honey that you’ve purchased is pure, raw honey. We’ve discussed before that raw honey is unprocessed.  In particularly this means that the honey: Contains many of the natural

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Monte-Bellaria di California Natural Honey

Healing Properties of Raw Honey: More than just a sweet treat!

The health benefits of honey have been discussed for thousands of years (and even makes an appearance in the Bible).  In our modern world, many of the health benefits (which have been well documented by numerous scientific research institutions) are related to eating honey. And when we are talking about healthy honey at Monte-Bellaria, we

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Raw Honey in Jar with Dipper

Flowers that Change the Taste of Honey: From YUM to Yuck

If you’ve ever tried local, raw honey you’ve probably noticed that various honeys can take on amazingly different tastes.  The key reason is that the flowering plants from which forager bees are collecting nectar and pollen have distinct taste profiles.  When bees forage primarily on one type of plant, the honey is called “monofloral” and

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