I have always been interested in natural soaps, oils and body lotions. However, many times after I used a natural product I end up feeling very disappointed and frustrated because they rarely worked as advertised. About a month ago I was suffering from a very bad allergy around my eyes, forehead and cheeks. This prompted my son to send me a Monte-Bellaria lavender soap bar, leading me to put my faith in a natural product again. So, I stopped all medication I was taking and started using the soap exclusively. I was truly stunned to see the difference in my face after just one use. Now, after two weeks of using this product my allergy is completely gone. I am immensely grateful to Monte-Bellaria for relieving my allergy and making me feel like myself again (and restoring my faith in natural products!)
Raquel V., El Paso, Texas
The essential oil I purchased from Monte-Bellaria is wonderful in the diffuser I got for Christmas. It is unlike other lavender oils I've tried...it's much less flowery. Usually my husband "tolerates" my aroma scent choices, but this one he really likes and mentions it every time he comes home when I'm using it. PS I had a wonderful time visiting the farm...so beautiful and informative. So interesting to see how the lavender is distilled.
Cheryl G., San Francisco
Best olive oil I’ve ever tasted!
Jill & Larry W., Santa Rosa, CA
Loved learning about the bees. Thank you for a great tour.
Judy M., Petaluma, CA