Gift Certificates

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Because our products come in all sizes and volumes, we like to calculate shipping based on actual costs rather than a “one-size fits all” approach.  If you’ll fill out the form below to let us know what you’d like, we’ll calculate exactly how much it will cost to ship and get back to you right away with a firm quote.  

Please indicate the product(s) and quantity of each that you’d like shipped.

Here are the Monte-Bellaria products we can ship (U.S. Only).  See full descriptions here.

Farm-to-Spa Products

  1. Organic Lavender Essential Oil 0.5 oz. $20 (plus $1.65 sales tax)
  2. Organic Lavender Hydrosol 16 oz. $18 (plus $1.49 sales tax)
  3. Organic Lavender Sachets 2 oz. by volume. $7.50 (plus $0.62 sales tax)
  4. Soap (Lavender, Olive Oil and Beeswax) 4.2 oz. bars. $10.50 (plus $0.87 sales tax)
  5. Soap Holder (White Birch) $3 (plus $0.25 sales tax)
  6. Lip Balm (Olive Oil and Beeswax) Tube $4 (plus $0.33 sales tax) or Tin $6 (plus $0.50 sales tax)
  7. Moisturizing Balm (Olive Oil, Lavender & Beeswax)  2 oz. $15 (plus $1.24 sales tax)
  8. Lavender Therapeutic Bath Salts (Organic Lavender Essential Oils and Epsom Salt) 16 oz. by volume $15 (plus $1.24 sales tax)

Culinary Products

  1. Olive Oil (Sonoma-Blend Extra Virgin) 250 ml. $20 (no sales tax)
  2. Lavender Honey 4 oz. $10.50 (no sales tax)
  3. Lavender Herb Salt (Sea Salt, Organic Lavender, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage) 6 oz. by volume $12 (no sales tax)