Health Issues Lavender May Relieve

Many possible health benefits have associated with use of lavender essential oil and hydrosols. 

This page shows a number of health issues that have been discussed in literature as having positive outcomes associated with the use of lavender.

Various conditions call for either topical (used on the skin or body) or inhaled aromatherapy applications.  Let us know if you have other suggestions or corrections.  (We realize that many different herbalists and aroma therapists have differing opinions on efficacy.) 

As always, we recommend that lavender distillates not be used directly on the skin without dilution and should never be used in or around the eyes.


Acne Anxiety Body Aches and Pains Colds/Coughing Cramps Depression/Worry Dry Skin Fever Headache High Blood Pressure Insect Stings Insomnia Irritability Low Energy Minor Cuts/Burns Nervousness/Panic Nightmares Rashes Rheumatism Scalp/Dandruff Allergies/Congestion Sore Muscles Stress Upset Stomach