Monte-Bellaria di California, located in the Russian River Appellation, specializes in local, all natural agricultural produce. West Sonoma County’s mild Mediterranean climate yields incredible quality olive oil, lavender, honey and other fine products. We use these crops to produce our own soaps, fragrances and essential oils.

The farm and family home encompasses approximately 14 acres not far from the village of Bloomfield, California.

While we sell most of our products directly from the farm (by appointment only), we make some available for online purchase as well (See Online Sales). See the “Contact Us” page to schedule a weekend visit.

Here are some of the products we produce…



Monte-Bellaria Lavender Organic Essential Oil
Distilled, aged oil from over 500 lavender flowers, estate grown and distilled. Made from a blend of certified organic English Lavender, and hybrids of English and Portuguese Lavenders, the scent has a mid-tone herbal fragrance that makes it less sweetly perfumed than traditional lavender oil. Use the oil for aroma therapy (e.g. headache, sleeplessness, respiratory congestion), in humidifiers and to freshen laundry in the dryer. 0.5 oz. $20

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Monte-Bellaria HydrosolMonte-Bellaria Organic Lavender Hydrosol
Gentle, floral and herbal fragrance that can be used as an air freshener, to freshen laundry, and on fabrics, linens and pillows for a wonderful, peaceful sleep. Hydrosols are pure distilled waters which are super-saturated with essential lavender oil. Made from just two ingredients: certified organic lavender buds and Russian River well water. 16 oz. $18



Monte-Bellaria Lavender Honey
This honey is harvested from our own hives of locally raised Sonoma bees. Each ounce of honey is made from 1.4 million flowers requiring bees to fly up to 3,400 miles.
4 oz. $10.50



Monte-Bellaria Sonoma-Blend Olive Oil
The Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil is our own organic, cold pressed, locally and unfiltered oil. Made from a blend of six Tuscan varietals, each season produced a slightly different oil. This is a premium green oil, picked young for a rich and peppery taste. The crop is picked and pressed within 24 hours within ½ mile of the estate. 250 ml. $20



Monte-Bellaria Lavender, Olive Oil and Beeswax Soap
For a relaxing and indulgent soap, try our olive oil soap with our own, natural lavender. The scent is light and leaves you feeling pampered and content. 4.2 oz. bars. $10

Monte-Bellaria Soap Holder
Keep your rich soaps from becoming soggy between use. Natural birch wood is durable and designed to allow maximum airflow, extending the life of your lavender, olive oil and beeswax spa soap. $3


Monte-Bellaria Lavender Sachets
Made with hundreds of our own certified organic lavender flowers, these sachets will maintain their beautiful scent for several years—just give a squeeze to reinvigorate. Perfect for keeping clothing, sports totes, and closets smelling fresh. 3 oz. $5



Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil and Beeswax Lip Balm
Cool and delicious, this natural moisturizer is made from our own olive oil, honey and beeswax. 1 tube. $3



Beeswax Balm

Monte-Bellaria Olive Oil, Lavender & Beeswax Moisturizing Balm
This buttery balm, made with estate olive oil, organic lavender essential oil and our own beeswax has wonderful moisturizing properties and quickly improves dry and rough skin. 2 oz. $15